Sir Cliff’s
Algarve wines
When one British family teamed up with Sir Cliff Richard to make wines
in the Algarve, the combination proved to be a winning formula.
ow, more than 10
years on, the Adega
do Cantor, translat-
ed as ‘winery of the
singer’, is a well-es-
tablished producer in the region
and welcomes thousands of visi-
tor s each year to th e win er y near
Guia (Albufeira council).
Take a drive through the
winding roads of nearby Vale de
Parra ( Valley of the Vine Leaf )
and you will see acres of neatly
planted vines in this picturesque
part of the Algarve.
However, if you want a closer
look at a working winery, then
a call into the Adega do Cantor
winery (pictured above) will let
you experience the true agricul-
tural Algarve and the sumptuous
wines that come from the rich
soils of this region.
It was in 1997 that Sir Clif f Ri-
chard decided to plant grapes at
his Quinta do Moinho farm.
“I had just planted a ? eld of
? g trees at the farm but Austral-
ian wine maker David Baverstock
asked me whether I would prefer
a glass of wine or a dose of ? g
syrup. There was, of course, no
contest!” Sir Cliff Richard told Al-
garve Welcome Magazine.
By 200 0, Sir Cliff was able to
pick the ? rst of the grapes from
his farm and it was at this point
that he called in the help of
long-term Algarve resident Ni-
gel Birch, who later became his
business partner. Before long,
the Birch family was involved in
the Adega do Cantor.
Nigel had uprooted his avo-
cados in the neighbouring farm
to Sir Clif f and replaced these
with grapes while his son Max
changed careers and learnt all
about the wine trade from David
Baverstock, honing his skills in
wine making.
Nigel’s daughter Rebecca ex-
plained how the Adega do Can-
tor is much more than just the
famous face behind the wine
and how the ethos of the winery
encompasses the organic proc-
esses used, which help to keep
this small family run business
producing top quality wines.
“We are not a large pro-
ducer. We are a boutique win-
ery, which uses lots of personal
care to ensure the high qual-
ity of our product,” she said.
“At the Adega do Cantor, we con-
centrate on producing a small
amount of top quality wine us-
ing organic methods and all the
vines are all tended to by hand.”
With a large number of new
producers now operating in the
WORDS Daisy Sampson
2010 E D I TI ON
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